This is an intermediate level course in macroeconomic theory and practice oriented toward industrial economy issues, with explicit reference to global economic and financial developments.

Principal Aims

To familiarize students with the main concepts and the analytical and empirical tools required to analyze macroeconomic developments and policies, in the short, the medium and the long run.

Principal Learning Objectives

By the end of the course students will be able to use short-run and medium-run Keynesian models of the interactions of goods, financial and labor markets, and to analyze the determination of output, employment, inflation, interest rates, exchange rates and the current account.

They will also be able to analyze the short run and medium term implications of monetary and fiscal policies, treat the distinction between stocks and flows in the medium run, understand the role of expectations and explain and analyze financial crises.

Finally, they will be able to analyze the determinants of the process of long run economic growth.

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