In my textbook, International Economics and the  World Economy, which has been published by Gutenberg (in Greek), I present the main theoretical models of international trade and international macroeconomics, as well as the relevant stylized facts that relate to the international economy. The book analyzes  international trade, international migration, international capital movements, the determination of interest rates and exchange rates, the determination of the balance of payments, domestic and international implications of monetary and fiscal policy in open economies, economic development, external borrowing and external debt and the problems of the global environment. In addition, the book refers extensively to the analysis of the role and importance of international institutions that are oriented to the regulation of international trade, and financial and monetary relations.

The book resulted from the detailed notes of my lectures to undergraduate students of the department Economic Athens University of Economics Science. The book differs from the existing Greek and international literature in that it attempts to combine theory with relevant historical facts for the world economy and international economic relations. Furthermore, this book has a clear European orientation and has detailed chapters on both the European Union and the euro. As it is addressed to students in Greece, it also thoroughly analyzes the international aspects of the Greek economy and its relationship with the international and European economy and international and European financial institutions.

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